One Of My Most Favourite Things About Living In Granada

The summer suddenly feels like a long time ago and things have definitely returned to normal here in Granada over the last week or two. For example, children are back at school, the football season is in full swing, the bars are full of people in the evenings and lots of students are starting a new year if the local Freshers’ Week celebrations are anything to go by. So in many ways, you could argue that all of those things are pretty standard things to be happening in September. However, this morning I was reminded, as I often am, that things are still ever so slightly different now we live in Granada as opposed to London.

Instead of an average 2-hour commute each day on tubes and trains to and from work in London, my morning commute here is on average a 10-minute walk. I get to walk in the sunshine through lovely plazas such as Plaza de Mariana Pineda and I cannot tell you how lovely it is to be able to do that. I feel very lucky to live in Spain, Andalucia and especially, Granada.

Plaza de Mariana Pineda
Plaza de Mariana Pineda




  1. I studied in Granada for a year. That is now almost ten years ago but I still love the city and I wish I can go back one day. Does the Cafe Futbol still serve tasty churros con chocolate?


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