Celebrate The Anguish

Today is the day of Granada’s patron saint ‘La Virgen de las Angustias’ and later on, there will be the annual procession around the city from the church named after her with thousands of Granadinos offering flowers. Having been in Granada for 8 months now (including Semana Santa), I’ve seen a few processions, however the word ‘Angustias’ struck me as rather odd for something to celebrate so I double-checked and as suspected, translations included anxiety, anguish, nausea and worry.

Virgen de las Angustias

Now I know many places have patron saints of different things, but I’d have thought that most would have wanted something perhaps a little more positive than a dose of anguish and anxiety, however that’s precisely one of the things that I like about being here. Those little surprises that to little old expat me may seem rather odd but are also rather lovely. Maybe it is also an indicator of the Granadino psyche and where the local word ‘malafollá’ meaning ‘kind of grumpy’ comes from.

Either way, it’s a celebration, so as long as it’s not still going to be chucking it down later, I’ll be there celebrating with a piece of Torta de la Virgen, a copa and a good old-fashioned dose of anguish.

Does your town or village have a patron saint? And if so, the patron saint of what?

(Disclaimer – Clearly I’m being a tad flippant and trying to be humorous about what is essentially a hugely respected local religious and cultural event, however I mean no disrespect. Just giving a personal twist on living in Granada.)

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