After seventeen years living in London, Mrs Departures and I moved to the city centre of Granada in Spain in January 2014 for a new adventure.

After two and a half wonderful years there, we thought it was time to move on and so in 2016 with our lovely pointer Grace, we moved to the tiny village of Lucainena de las Torres in Almería.

And after more than six years in the Almeria countryside, we felt like a new experience and moved to the countryside near Granada in Dec 2022.

This blog is about living in Andalucia in the south of Spain, travelling inside and outside Spain whenever we can and whatever else comes up on the way.

It isn’t a travel blog as such. It’s more about things I have seen, heard, felt and thought while spending time here and being inspired by the daily experience of living in this wonderful part of the world and also travelling to other places too.

Welcome to Departures and Coffee and thanks for reading.


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