Coffee and churros near Granada

It’s Thursday morning with remnants of rain all around in my new neighbourhood. Mrs Departures, our dog and three cats and I moved to the outskirts of Granada in Andalucia in the south of Spain last week. I’m having my first wander into the nearby villages (Hijar and Cullar Vega) to grab a cortado (aka macchiato or espresso with a dash of milk) or two and see what’s going on.

Bar Mallorca was recommended by a neighbour and the cortado and churros do not disappoint. I somehow managed to finish that enormous churros for one person. Would be rude not to…

Wandering around I’ve found the local supermarket, pharmacy, doctor, church and cannabis product shop. Not what I was expecting. There are also of course a few bars.

I’m sitting in the charming square Plaza del Pilar with a cortado and a sense of quiet optimism. I’d forgotten how nice it is to sit, have a coffee and just be for a bit. Here’s to doing more of that.

The sun’s even popped out now. Nice…

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