Long time…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here regularly. I plan to get back to doing that this year.

Of course, Covid-related restrictions have made travel difficult if not impossible over the last two years, but hopefully things seems to be getting better at the moment. Call me optimistic. Let’s hope it gets better and safer for everyone and soon.

Those of you who have read this blog before will have noticed that the name has changed from Cortado Inglés to Departures and Coffee. The reasons for this are that I plan for Departures and Coffee to focus on travel outside as well as inside Spain and more importantly, after eight years of Cortado Inglés, I just fancied a new name and felt like a change.

We had a couple of trips in late 2021 and pandemic restrictions allowing, have a few trips planned in the coming months too and I plan to post about many of them.

So, welcome to Departures and Coffee, follow me on Instagram, Twitter or on WordPress and thanks for reading.

Photo of moka coffee pot on yellow background by Thomas Murphy on Unsplash

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