How Best To Enjoy The Carmen de los Martires

One of my most favourite places in Granada just up from the Realejo and a little down from the Alhambra is the glorious and yet wonderfully understated Carmen de los Martires.
Here’s how I enjoy going there. Maybe you will too.
  • Smell the citrus in the air
  • Take a bottle of water
  • Listen to the running water & the crickets
  • Sit in the cool shade
IMG_3656 (1).jpg
The Campo de los Martires, just outside the Carmen de los Martires
  • Walk to the top
  • Enjoy the 40deg heat
  • Like having your own private, large and quite stunning garden
  • Enjoy the fabulous views

IMG_3647 (1).jpg

  • Be bemused by the ‘urban’ peacocks
  • Enjoy the solitude
  • Take better photos than I did on my phone
  • Then, just be…


  1. Granada was so beautiful in February, I think we will have to make another trip to appreciate it in its summer glory.


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