A Slow Spanish Summer (Part 2)

We’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to explore Andalucia in our two years here and so with our 6-week trip around Spain in summer 2015, we had a fantastic time getting to know different parts of Spain. To see other posts on this trip, read 15 Ways To Love Alájar and A Slow Spanish Summer.
Although the previous post on this trip was about observations on a tiny village and clearly the rest of Spain merits many more posts, instead of doing several about the rest of our 6-week Spanish trip, I thought I’d just do the highlights in pictures.
We stayed in the lovely Convento e la Parra for some more minimal tranquility and then headed north to see the delightful Sue Sharpe in Alange before spending a few nights in the Apartamentos Turisticos in one of my most favourite places on this trip, the medieval city of Cáceres. In addition to being an incredible example of beautiful architecture, this city is also conveniently located for you to go off and explore the delights of Trujillo and Mérida which are not too far away while also taking in the vast expanse of Extremadura.
Countryside near Alange
Countryside near Alange
La Parra White
The very white Convento La Parra
Caceres House
Lovely house in Cáceres
Merida Roman
Oh no. Not another tourist using Instagram! (Roman friend in Mérida)
Amphitheatre in Mérida
Extremadura Landscape
A bit of the vast expanse of Extremadura

If you’ve read this blog before, you may have seen the post The Sound Of Salamanca where I talk about never having been to the city but loving the sound of the word Salamanca. Well, now I have been and although I still love the sound of the word, the city itself far surpasses that and what’s more, the  influence of the local university and the stunning architecture bring to my mind a Spanish version of Cambridge, one of my my favourite places in England

Salamanca is also a good base to go and visit Segovia, which although was much smaller than I was expecting, is still a wonderful place to spend an afternoon doing tourist things. And yes, the towers of the castle really do look like the ones Disney use and apparently were the inspiration for them.
Salamanca Cathedral
Salamanca Cathedral
Salamanca Friend
Having a coffee with a friend in Cafe Novelty, the oldest bar in Salamanca
Salamanca Plaza Mayor
The glorious Plaza Mayor in Salamanca
Segovia Turret
Turret on the Alcázar of Segovia
Segovia from the Alcázar

Next stop and final post on this trip will be Madrid and beyond…

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