Do You Believe In Destiny?

After several months of 1:1 Spanish classes I stopped in March as things were quite busy with my own teaching schedule, however I remember telling my Spanish teacher that I would definitely, absolutely and without question finish the detective story she had given me several months previously.

I’ve now had that story for almost year and hadn’t got past the first ten pages. Until now as I’ve just finished my first Spanish book. Ok, admittedly it’s not exactly the length or depth of Don Quixote and it’s more a story than a book, but either way it’s still the first piece of Spanish ‘literature’ that I’ve read from beginning to end and feels like a big step forward on my Spanish path.

So why did I read it today? A few days ago, my wife and I left our flat in Granada and are on holiday travelling around the centre of Spain for a few weeks and so in between sunbathing, swimming, visiting things and mooching about wherever we happen to be, I sat down determined to start the book again, but this time to actually finish it. And lo and behold, this time I actually did. Wonders will never cease.

It was a detective story and was good fun, however the slightly eerie thing is that the first page has a sentence:

Aquel día, 15 de julio, hacía mucho calor.’

It just so happens that today’s date is also Wedenesday 15 July and hace mucho calor too, so when I read that earlier this morning, I realised that I just had to finish it today.

So, that 15 July thing is either a weird coincidence or perhaps I was simply destined to read this book today. Either way, I’m looking forward to the next one, which will be a tad more challenging, though I hope it won’t take me a year to read it!


  1. I remember the excitement when I read my first not-for-university book in Spanish. I was so excited. I still have the book, which I should re-read sometime. ¡Enhorabuena! Treat yourself to a cortado con hielo!


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