Happy Granadaversary!

It’s now been exactly 12 months since my wife and I came to live in Granada and I can’t believe the time has gone so fast. It’s odd to think that just over a year ago, I was still commuting from Greenwich to Earls Court on the train and tube! So, what with this anniversary coinciding with the start of the new year, it’s a good time to reflect on everything that has happened. Some things have been wonderful, while others have been less so, but that’s life, no? However, here are a few highlights:

  • Have made some really good friends and wonderful memories
  • Have got to know lots of lovely international and Spanish people
  • Now speak Spanish reasonably well after having had had regular Spanish classes and taken my first Spanish exam (DELE) – result due in February. Still lots to learn which is exciting…
  • Have  travelled a lot around Andalucia
  • Have been quizmaster at a local quiz for the first time – in both English and Spanish
  • Have really got into making home-made hummus, soup and Japanese ramen
  • Always have been but am now even more sympathetic to foreigners living in a new country
  • Have sold organic jam at Christmas market in  a local village
  • Have seen Tomatito and Vicente Amigo in concert in Granada and Marlango in Seville
  • Have become a ‘blogger’ posting on this blog and have also become a part of the encouraging and helpful WABAS bloggers group
  • Have also launched a new blog Away From The Noise including my first post in Spanish (El Poder Del No)

The really nice thing is that we’ve learned a lot since arriving in Granada, not only about life as an ‘expat’ in Andalucia/Spain, but also perhaps more importantly about ourselves, other people and life in general as you would wherever you live. I just happen to live in this fabulous city and look forward to learning much more this year too. It’s going to be a good one…

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