Terrific Tapas At Los Tintos In Granada

I’ve recently noticed that I seem to spend most of my quality tapas time in Granada is at the rather fabulous Los Tintos.

Los Tintos

I was first introduced to this bar by Molly In Granada when I first arrived in January – read her excellent summary of tapas in Granada in her post 10 typical Granada tapas bars

One of the things I like most about Los Tintos is that it is not only hidden away on a lovely cobbled backstreet in San Anton, fortunately not too far from my flat, but the tapas are seriously good and to me at least, slightly unusual. For example, my absolute favourite is the garlic-fest that is berenjenas asadas con jamon crujiente (roasted aubergine with crunchy jamon) which I can’t seem to resist every time I go. In fact, I’m not even asked what tapa I want anymore. it just seems to turn up!

Berenjenas Asadas Con Jamon Crujiente
Berenjenas Asadas Con Jamon Crujiente

The warm and welcoming staff, including the ever-friendly Fran, know their stuff and go out of their way to help you with the varied wine selection and tapas. Los Tintos is at C/San Isidro 24 in the San Anton district and like all the best places, it’s often really busy with locals, so you may need to get there early to get a table. Other items on the tapas menu that I’d recommend are the lomo a la brasa (grilled pork) and the berenjenas fritas (fried aubergines that are almost like Japanese tempura). You may have noticed I like aubergines…

Lomo Con Ajo
Lomo Con Ajo

As I’m writing it’s coming up to 830pm, so I think it’s time to head over to San Anton for some garlic, aubergines and pork. Hmmm, I wonder which bar I’ll go to?

And to clarify, in case anybody thinks this is a paid-for promotion, it isn’t. I just happen to love the place!


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