Pretty In Paradise

I love where I live. I love living in Granada, Andalucia and Spain and everything that goes with it. However, despite what many may think, it’s not always pretty in ‘paradise’.

Yes of course it can be one of the most incredible places in the world (and I really believe it is), but sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes it gets cold. Sometimes you wake up and feel a bit crap. You still have to pay the bills, the rent and do the shopping and housework. The usual, everyday stuff. In fact, funnily enough, it’s like living anywhere else. It just happens to be the place you have chosen to be.

Carrera del Darro, Granada

The place you live is often like a close friend. Sometimes they’re lovely and you want to hug them to death. While other times, they drive you mad. But ultimately, they’re still the friend that you chose. And whether that’s your friend or the place you have chosen to live, you still love them and want to spend time with them. 

The sun’s just come out, so I’m off for a paseo. And a cortado, of course…

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