I Want My Flip Flops!

It’s Sunday so time for something a little different in today’s post. It’s 27 degrees so not exactly cold here in Granada, but there have been signs that autumn/winter is definitely coming, least of all the hailstorm earlier in the week.

However, regardless of the onset of autumn/winter, my flip-flops are resolutely staying on.

When I lived in England, wearing flip flops was a sign of of hope and      strangely, it seems to be the same here. I don’t care if it makes me looks like a guiri (foreigner). I am. I like the freedom that wearing flip-flops gives me.

It’s like riding a motorbike with the wind in your hair. But for feet!


  1. Have you spend a winter in Granada already? I have never been to a place where I have been so cold in winter as in Granada. Not at home in Germany, not during January in Wisconsin and not even in Antarctica .. Our apartment had a hole for some pipes in the kitchen window and only small electrical heaters (the ones that work like a toaster)! Even if the temperatures are still above zero, it’s freaking cold under conditions like that – we could see our breath condensing in our apartment! You’re a hero if you keep those flip-flops on in December! (I am curious for December by the way, would love to know if they still have the crazy Christmas decoration with the glowing dolphin.)


  2. Only been here since January, so yet to experience the ‘glories’ of November/December. We have ensured our flat ‘works’ in winter but I guess we’ll see in a few weeks. Will get back to you about the dolphin! In the meantime, am making the most of the sunshine. Off for a paseo now…


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