An Hour In A Hailstorm In Granada

Some of you may be aware that it poured down in biblical proportions here in Granada yesterday, relatively speaking that is as it hasn’t properly rained here in months so hail, thunder, lightning and dark, dark skies are huge news!

In the bar I went in to hide from the elements, I noticed a girl of about 5 was running in and out of the bar excitedly shouting ‘Hielo! Hielo!’.

Oddly, she didn’t want more ice in her drink but simply to go outside with her reluctant and rain-resistant dad to get some hailstones and carry them in her hand to take them back inside to show her rather bemused, but proud mum.

I went in to keep dry and didn’t know I’d end up learning a lesson in how to find joy and excitement in the simplest of things from a very happy little girl. And after many years in England, I never thought I’d ever see the benefits in torrential rain…

Hailstorm In Granada

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