The Melancholy Glory Of Autumn Leaves (And Missing An English Pint)

Having only arrived here in January of this year, I have yet to experience an autumn in Granada. Having lived in England for most of my life, I love autumn. It’s a wonderful time. There is that sense of recovering from an active summer and that subtle sense of melancholy and loss in the air epitomised perhaps by the leaves falling from the trees.

I have many happy (and rather chilly) autumn memories of that lovely cozy feeling of being huddled up in a pub with a pint of cider in front of a log fire and a Sunday lunch after having read the papers and this experience is in fact one of the few things I miss about living in England. I am assured by many Granadinos here that autumn doesn’t really happen here and that the season changes from summer to winter almost overnight. Having said that, it has been overcast here for the last few days and the beautifully scorching summer has definitely gone on its merry way so that would imply I suppose that now is autumn in Granada. Of course, I don’t want to replicate nor relive past experiences in England, but how best to ‘celebrate’ autumn here?

Autumn Leaves
It’s still too warm to wear ‘winter’ clothes which is lovely and it also means of course that I can still get away with wearing my flipflops/sandals. And as for a pint and Sunday lunch, I confess to having had a fabulous one at Bar Lopez Correa in C/Molinos in my first month here, however, today I’m enjoying listening to autumnal, melancholy music (see link below) and will later be going out for a paseo, a few copas and some tapas with my wife in some of the wonderful bars here.

Either way, as always, I’m going to make the most of being in Granada. And now, autumn too. Hasta luego…

PS And if you fancy some melancholy ‘joy’ in a song that is incredibly autumnal, listen below to Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man ‘Sand River’)

PPS This post was inspired by Daily Post ‘Autumn Leaves’ 


  1. So evocative of an English autumn day! Leaves have started falling here now. I really liked your phrase ‘that subtle sense of melancholy’. Oh yes!


  2. We had autumn all summer long in Bilbao until 1 September, when it’s been remarkably hot for the north of Spain (30º most days), and today is the only typical rainy day all month it seems. Autumn is my fave season, but I hope it’s not met with an entire November of rain like last year. I’ve seen Granada at the end of autumn during the Puente de diciembre, and it’s quite nice even then. Their winter is actually more autumn anyway 😉


    • Hi Setmeravelles. How are you doing? Am really looking forward to autumn. I think it will be beautiful here in Granada. It’s going to be a good few weeks ahead. Thanks for the comment…


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