Feels Like Home Living In Granada

Still can’t quite believe we live in Granada. The everyday things make it seem ‘real’ but for some reason on the shuttle bus to meet my wife at the airport this morning, it has struck me again.

As I look out of the window getting a snapshot of the city on a busy morning, police are diverting traffic as they’ve closed the roads, tourists are looking lost with maps, the sun is blazing, there is a constant view of the hills and mountains in the distance, old ladies are dressed up to the nines including designer sunglasses just to go to Mercadona, the rather lonely looking and yet-to-be completed tramline still looking for a home and people hanging out in bars with their morning tostada and cafe con leche. Just another morning in Granada and yet to me at least, it feels quite special.

I love the sense of open space as you leave the city towards the airport saying goodbye to the hills and mountains. After each time we’ve been away for a trip, it’s feels so good to come back being welcomed by the hills and mountains around the city. We lived in London for 17 years and we’ve only lived in Granada for only 8 months and yet somehow, it increasingly feels like home.

Today is just another weekday morning like so many others and yet, it has taken a bus ride to the airport with some aimless looking out of the window to make me realise (again) how wonderful it is to be living here. It feels rather lovely.

Feels like home.... Another image of the incredible Alhambra!
Feels like home…. Another image of the incredible Alhambra!


    • Andalucia is somewhere I’ve wanted to live for many years and after 17 years in London, it felt like the right time.
      Thanks for the feedback and for popping by.


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