Fabulous Tapas at the Taberna El Mentidero

There are seemingly hundreds of places in Granada to get food. And as you may well know, tapas in Granada are free. What’s not to like? There’s quite a variety too. You can go for the pre-drinking-friendly and carb-heavy quantities of Bella & Bestia, the exotic Moroccan tapas at Om Khalsoum, the fantastic and quirky offerings at Los Tintos, as well as the more traditional dishes at countless other bars. For an excellent summary on tapas in Granada, read Granada expat expert piccavey.com post on 10 typical Granada tapas bars

However, having just had our 6th month anniversary in Granada, my wife and I decided to celebrate by going to what has become one of our regular haunts – the rather fabulous Taberna El Mentidero.

Lovely tapas bar in Granada
Lovely tapas bar in Granada

The food is fantastic, the service quietly efficient, the staff very friendly, the atmosphere relaxed and elegant, the artwork quirky and with a nice variety of wines too and it’s also very central and accessible (in Calle Piedra Santa near the Ayuntamiento). What more could you ask for? My personal favourite on the menu  is the solomillo de cerdo a las finas herbs (pork tenderloin with fine herbs and a huge hint of garlic).

Having just finished writing this, I think I might have to pop by again tonight!

Fortunately, the wine glasses are big too!
Fortunately, the wine glasses are big too!

By the way, in case anybody thinks this is a paid-for promotion, it isn’t. I just happen to love the place!


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