My New Local Sunday Morning Cafe In Granada

My wife and I moved into a new flat yesterday, so this morning I went to check out the local coffee opportunities. Many cafe/bars near me are shut, but then again it is 1030 on Sunday morning. Very early…


However, then I turn the corner into Plaza de Mariana Pineda into a mass of noise coming from somewhere called Café Fútbol which I’ve heard a lot about and not yet been to. It seems to be a bit of a local institution and clearly, it’s the place to be in this area on a Sunday morning. There are no seats outside so I go in the bar which is equally noisy, ever so slightly chaotic but like many things in Spain, somehow seems to work really well. You have to practically shout your order to be heard so not exactly the most calming of mornings but I’m not here for the tranquility, just a good local cafe/bar and I love it here, especially as it’s very much a normal Sunday morning here full of families, a handful of bemused tourists and me and it reminds me of Sunday mornings in Malta when I was younger.

Think I’m going to like my new local cafe and my new flat…


  1. I’ve actually been there once on my many sojourns to Granada…it was also a Sunday morning, but we had coffee on the terrace. So jealous of you getting to live in Granada. It’s one of my fave places.


    • We are very lucky to livein such a lovely place. I was in fact at the cafe again this morning. Very good churros!


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