50 Granada Haikus

In case you didn’t know, today is World Poetry Day and so it seemed like a good idea to post a blog of the daily haikus I’ve been writing since I arrived in Granada in early January.

For those who may not be familiar with haikus, there are a number of different types but the one I have focused on is essentially a poem of 17 syllables, divided into 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. I first learnt about haikus at school and have always liked their simplicity and have also found the ‘restrictions’ of the syllables strangely liberating when writing.

I’m not a natural photographer and so moving to a new country seemed like a good opportunity to get into writing haikus again to ‘take a picture’ of the moments we would have. My wife and I arrived on 3 January and the haikus cover the period of arriving, the uncertainties, frustrations, excitement, joy and general observations of our first 3 months here. Hope you like them…

50 Granada Haikus

Chocolate and churros

Church bells January sunshine

The Three Kings parade


Granada winter

So well-dressed in Sunday best

Church bells chime the calm


New flat and new life

Opening the door to you

A beautiful day


Pouring not raining

Colder than a London cold

Beautiful palm trees


Night out on your own

An empty bar is easy

Full one so exposed


Saturday night 

Mirador the Alhambra

Cold, wet and calming 


Primary school sun

Mountains through classroom windows

Tracksuits everywhere


The hordes strolling round

Somewhere to sit to just be

Easy to find in Grana’a

Weez Flower Alhambra


A month already

So much to look forward to

Only just begun


London a lifetime away

Where we going tomorrow?

The joy of today


The music will flow

The energy abundant

Excited by now


Handball octopus

Tapas and copas await

Everything is new


Six weeks in still rains

Overspent to an extent

Testing my patience


Cortado headphones 

Far from the deafening loud

Surrounded by you


Grumpy Granadans

Happy to make your life hard

What can I get you?

Beautiful morning

Like nothing you’ve ever seen

Just passes you by

Granada Virgen Sun


Paper at the bar

Just morning cacophony

Sun comes out to shine


Palm trees and coffee

This is the reason we’re here

The warmth of the sun


Arms outstretched open

Bluer than a childlike sky 

Close your eyes in now


Bus through the mountains

Didn’t know got vertigo

Bit of a bugger


Pueblos and suburbs

Leftover lemons en route

Snowy mountain sun 


Glorious valley

Filled with such ugly houses

Beautifully terraced


Slowly climbing hills

Always wanted to be here

Sun-filled lakes of tranquil green


Early evening spring

All urbanisationing

Everyday living


Palm tree anaesthetic

Gives me traction in the grey

On the avenue


Reading in the park 

Boards Of Canada background

People strolling by


Cloth-capped old man sits

Weekend son takes his mum’s arm

Art deco streetlights


Sunshine bursting through

Joggers dogwalkers pigeons

Breathing in the calm 


Rioja waiting

Oasis in loneliness

Feijoada in Poë


Another top-up

To cover up the nightness

Must be time to leave


Morning sun coffee

Pub Elvis busking badly 

Under the palm trees



Starry crescent moon

Trilbied Godfather strolls by

New people evening


7am blue

Sky makes me wonder why I 

Haven’t been before


Coffee in the square

On the way home after work

Morning palm tree sun


The older we get

Writing more than ever here

Gave me permission


Mountain sunshine place

Cinema Paradiso

Montejaque Square


Staring at the stars

My countryside cortijo

Has finally found me here


Middle of nowhere

Gentle breeze rustles the trees

Turned to eleven


Sunshine talks to me 

Through the morning window here

And I’m feeling good


As you expected

No getting past the normal

Just another day


The masses for mass

Get through to the other side

Are they in the know? 


Cello boy and girl

Embracing each other’s chords

Carry their future


Staring into space

Old man with his plastic bags

The treasure therein


Morning Trinidad

So much to look forward to

A beautiful day


Winter’s been and gone

District Line commuting home

Million miles away


En route to the bus

Plaza Alonso Cano

Ave Maria

Image courtesy of @Srta_CeeMe @GranadaenFotos
Image courtesy of @Srta_CeeMe


Not enough hours in day

To do what needs to be done

Living in the now


Almond blossom trees

An orchestra of binmen

Baby sleeping through


Spanish botellón 

Getting wasted in the streets

Student paradise


Morning sunshine hills

More beautiful than you know

Takes your breath away





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